Google art


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I love the illustrations that Google has been posting lately. Did anyone notice the cool one for Halloween that was interactive? So fun. Love when people realize how much adding art to everyday moments gives pleasure in life.

ada_lovelaces_197th_birthday-991005-hp bram-stoker-2012-hp 243194448599396535_cB0im5VG_cHonoring Ada Lovelace, Bram Stoker, Herman Melville


Jivita Harris-Casey jewelry card


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My, it’s been a long time! Now that Fall is here and I’m hoping to channel that exciting new school year vibe to get back to posting.

Here’s a project I did recently for lovely and talented jewelry artist, Jivita. She needed a card for her thorn earring/necklace piece that did two things; first, tell the story of the piece (it’s a rose thorn) and second, make it easier to display.

This is what I came up with: