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Had the pleasure of seeing an incredible show today at OCMA. I’d never been to to OCMA before and I loved the way the gallery space was both intimate and airy at the same time.

I was so impressed by the breadth of this particular body of work, The Ocean Park Series. Diebenkorn had such a long and varied career, switching back and forth between figurative and abstract, I didn’t know beforehand if this particular body was one that would resonate with me. I was engrossed with each work. Even though the thread of it was consistent to point of repetitiveness, it amazed me how uniquely and beautifully he mastered the “problem” he sought to solve again and again.

Diebenkorn’s mastery of color and composition is so much more impressive in person. Loved the energy of the broad brush strokes quietly contained by hard edges, the layers of thin color and richness that are one kind of texture up close and another stepping back. They are birds-eye landscapes and cartography yet not.

The first paintings you see are these huge oils, but then there are equally powerful small works. Particularly beautiful were the small paintings on cigar box lids.

These images pale in comparison to seeing the real thing. Plus, there were prints and drawings and paintings on paper that were so luscious.

If you are in the SoCal area, this is really worth checking out. Even if you don’t consider yourself into abstract expressionism but love design, you will appreciate the graphic beauty of these works and feel the coastal light and color that we are lucky to live in.