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I’ve always loved the tradition of egg decorating, and sharing it with my kids now is special, but it’s more of a management job. A rock I found on the beach the other weekend inspired this project. It was nice to do some “egg” painting without worrying about someone knocking over a glass of food coloring.

I think these make really fun decorations, and they don’t get stinky if the Easter bunny hides them and no one finds them.

Tools & Tips:
  • I used acrylic paints, brushes, masking tape, a utility knife, and the eraser tip of a pencil
  • Larger solid shapes of color required a bit of layering to make it opaque. I had to sponge the paint on with the brush for the first layer to create a base. Let the paint dry completely between layers.
  • I was able to dip the ends of the rocks into the neon paint since it came in little tubs. I really liked the smooth/solid effect.