Been eagerly awaiting the unveil of my first freebie which was part of the The Post Social’s Valentine series and today I get to share it with you! TPS cherry picks posts from other bloggers as well as creating original, top-of-the-trend content. They are a collaborative of smart and fashionable ladies, with thriving blogs of their own, so I was truly honored when they asked me to make some printables to be featured on their site.

Today they are featuring the DIY envelope and tomorrow they post the cards. Click here to download the template from their site.

See some card making tips below.


• Print the card on card stock. You can print the envelope directly on the paper you want to use or print it on card stock to create a template for cutting out of wrapping paper, newsprint, a magazine page, ect.

• Score folds before trimming (here I’m using the back of an utility knife — don’t press too hard).

• After folding the envelope, apply glue where the bottom folds overlap. You can seal the top flap with a label. And a kiss ; ).