Merry after-Christmas! I am relieved to have pulled off a few personal projects, participation in much holiday cheer and the creation of unforgettably warm and loving memories for my children (including a small tantrum when I realized we left half of my father’s gift at home after a long drive to see him. Just wanted them to realize grown-ups have fits, too : /). Now I am ready to breeeathe and catch up this here blog a bit, starting with sharing the cards I made.

We had a very talented friend (more about that later) take family photos for us this year  and I had an itch to do a little screen printing so I put these together. Props to the nice postal worker who pulled me out of the line of people with their packages and got me out the door with Christmas stamps in 2 minutes instead of 20, and to USPS, who delivered some of them by the NEXT DAY even though they had dark envelopes and even though it was the busiest week of the year.

bit o' process