Last week I got to enjoy a night out with friends and three of my favorite things; beautiful paper goods, a pretty party and Frosted cupcakes. There was also rich, sipping chocolate (spiked if you like), a fun craft, Snow & Graham favors and lots of holiday cheer. Even without all the amazing holiday decorations, Urbanic is the loveliest paper store–packed with fantastic brands (i.e. Rifle Paper Co., Egg Press, Yellow Owl Workshop just off the top of my head but there are sooo many more!) and has such a cozy yet open layout I could browse for hours (and we did).

I didn’t get enough photos to really show the magic (let’s blame it on the spiked cocoa) but it was a charming party and nice way to get into the holiday spirit.

(top) getting crafty S & G style, (bottom left) just a bit of the holiday decor, (bottom right) Stacia and her divine cupcakes