I’m always dreaming of doing something fantastic on my wedding anniversary and for the last several years, something has always gotten in the way. I’m forever telling myself, “Next year–Portland! San Francisco! Florence!, ect. and then hardly getting out for dinner. A crime against romance! So I was determined this year, despite being laid off, to do something. When financial reality and logistics made that something be a weekend in San Diego, admittedly, I wasn’t really excited. After living my whole life in So Cal a getaway in San Diego sounded like pitching a tent in the backyard and calling it camping. But, it ended being a lovely way to celebrate and was super inspiring.

staying in

Finding a hotel that wasn’t crazy expensive and had any amount of style that interested me was the first obstacle. A recommendation from a friend lead us to the perfect place, though, The Pearl. Our room felt more like staying in someone’s cool little flat than a hotel. Also, it was lit by fishbowl sconce, complete with fish (Lucy).

going out

We really only had one full day, so we planned to spend it at Balboa Park instead of driving around to different attractions. But first, we had brunch at Cafe Chloe, which was so delightful. We sat and read magazines and sipped delicious locally-roasted coffee. Then the food..oh my..I had some kind of poached-egg-toast-wild-mushroom-magic-in truffle-butter situation. Also, a lavender lemon mimosa, which is truly the way to start a great day.

With my tummy buttery and my head bubbly, we made our way to the park and meandered happily through museums and gardens, until it was time to go “home” and gussy up for dinner at The Prado. During in-between times driving here to there, we were charmed by all the tiny little neighborhoods with their older architecture and little shops, the cool old school business signs and tons of unique places to eat. Turns out our backyard is way cooler than we thought!