Proudly, I braved the weather to check out the goods at Patchwork and was rewarded with a break in the rain, some good finds, and a chance to hang out with Ms. Happenstance. Here are some of my favorites:

1. Sass & Peril– all kinds of bold, smart screen printed goods

2. Whimsy & Ink– love the maritime series–terrific colors.

3. Pookaqueen– amazing sculptural head art for the serious fashionista.

4. Caposhi– pretty fiber things

5. Petit Beast– these are just air plants marketed to seem like the loveliest things in the world. sold–i bought two. hopefully i will not kill them.

6. Maiden Voyage Clothing, Co.– love these modern meets 1800s t-shirt designs.

I realized after I layed this out that I forgot to mention Rock Scissor Paper. They’ve been a long time favorite of mine and seeing them there was kind of like running into a celebrity. They had great holiday cards, as always, but I especially liked their coaster sets, which seemed like the perfect cute, yet useful, little gift.